3.3 Handling and locating the spa

  • Handling of the Spa must be done very carefully and in a controlled manner by several persons.
  • The Spa must never be hold by the pipes.
  • The Spa should be installed following the criteria below.
  • No material should be used or located below the Spa and around it (in a minimum perimeter of one meter) unless it is completely resistant to humidity and water. The Spa warranty does not cover any damage to materials, decorative or ornamental objects that may deteriorate due to flooding or atmospheric humidity.
  • The Spa must be located in a duly adapted space which is adequate for withstanding significant damp and condensation. If this is not so, the warranty will not cover material or personal damages.
  • It is essential to have an adequately sized drain for draining out any water that could reach the area under the Spa.
  • The base where the Spa will be installed should be large and strong enough to with stand the weight of the Spa, the water and the users. If this is not so, the warranty will not cover the damages caused. Check the building regulations in force.
  • Prior to the installation, if you believe that for any reason you may have to extract the Spa from its initial location, you should take this factor into account, and avoid having to break down masonry or structures and pipes should the Spa have to be unassembled. The warranty does not include repair of any damages caused in this instance.