3.4. Advices to build foundations

Below we provide some basic advice as to how to build foundations for the Spa. It is essential to comply with building regulations in force in all cases.

The Spa is supplied with a metal structure to make installation easier. This structure has several support points.

Before filling up the Spa, these levelling points must be regulated so that all of them are in contact with the ground.

The Spa must be completely supported by the support structure, and must never be supported by its upper edge; otherwise the possible bending would cause the Spa shell to break.

In order to seal the lip of the Spa to the foundations, use elastic silicone special forwater installations.

Once the Spa has been correctly fitted, finish the installation taking into account that you must leave a free passage of at least 400mm around the shell for possible maintenance works. Never place elements that may touch the body of the Spa, pipes or accessories in this area. Leave a trapdoor or accessway around the Spa for maintenance.

Never fill in the Spa’s upper edge with cement or any other material that may have an expansion / contraction different to that of the Spa shell.The Spawould end up cracking.

Never fill in with concrete the Spa’s pipes or accessories.