5.1. Warnings


  • Carefully check the water temperature. Do not use the water at temperatures over 40ºC. Ideal temperature is 35-36ºC
  • ⋅Pregnant women, small children, persons with heart conditions, or health problems or under medical care must not use the spa without first consulting a doctor.
  • Take special care if you are alone when using the spa. Prolonged immersion in warm water may cause nausea, dizziness and fainting.
  • Set the spa at a lower temperature if you intend to use the spa for more than 10-15 minutes.
  • Do not use the spa after drinking alcohol, taking drugs or medicines that cause drowsiness or that can raise/lower the blood pressure.
  • Be especially careful when getting in and out of the spa when the floor is wet.
  • Electrical appliances (radios, hair dryers etc.) must not be used near the spa.
  • During use of the spa, keep your head, body and clothes at a distance of at least 40 cm from the ⋅ suction intakes. Long hair must be tied back and secured in place.
  • Do not start the spa if the protective grilles are broken or missing.
  • Only use original spare parts. Any modification requires manufacturer authorisation.
  • Check the level off free chlorine and pH before use. Do not use the spa if these levels are out of normal recommended ranges or if a shock treatment is in process.


Power supply interruption 

Should the power supply be interrupted, the system will always automatically restart in the operating mode it was in before the interruption.

After a power outage the filtration pump will automatically start. Make sure the hydraulic circuit is ready or connect/disconnect necessary items before starting the system.

Incompatible functions

In order to prevent possible interferences between functions the system software doesn’t allow the following operations:

  • When the filtration pump has been activated in manual mode it must also be manually deactivated before switching on any other pump, or the system will stop and E02 (error 02) will be shown in the main display. Push SET and MANUAL keys consecutively to deactivate the error message.
  • All pumps must be switched off before switching from manual to automatic mode, or the system will stop and E02 (error 02) will be shown in the main display. Push SET and MANUAL keys consecutively to deactivate the error message.
  • The filtration pump is always activated for the first 5 minutes after the system starts, and continues working until the programmed temperature is reached. The heater then shuts off and the filtration pump continues working for 5 more minutes in order to cool the heater to atmospheric temperature.
  • The insert coin feature (optional) is not compatible with the light control via external button option.


  • Prolonged direct contact with hot water can cause HYPERTHERMIA, which occurs when the internal temperature of our body reaches levels above the normal temperature of 36.5ºC.
  • Symptoms of hyperthermia include a sudden drop in blood pressure and in consequence a feeling of faintness with the possibility of fainting.
  • The Spawater should never exceed 40ºC.
  • Water temperatures of between 37ºC and 40ºC are considered safe for adults who have no health problems. Lower temperatures are recommended for most people and for children.
  • Remember that prolonged bathing in the Spa can cause hyperthermia.
  • The use of alcohol, drugs or medication may increase the risk of hyperthermia.