4. Start up

With the main circuit breaker on the OFF position, clean the Spa shell to avoid particles of the works being absorbed and obstructing the components or circuits.

Open all the valves except the drainage.


Open the Spa’s filling valve and fill up the Spa until the water exceeds the SMAX level of the balance tank by 5 to 8 cm.

Important: When you start up the filtering equipment for the first time, thewater level of the balance tank will decrease substantially. This is due to the fact that the piping between the balance tank and the Spa, filter and pump is practically full of air.


Wait for 15 minutes and inspect all the connections to ensure there are no leaks. Provide electrical power to the cabinet by switching on its main circuit breaker (ONposition). Start up the filter pump, the massage pump and the air pump and check that there are no leaks in the pipes and connection elements after 30 minutes of operation.

Stop the filter pump and fill the water filter up to half, and then subsequently fill with sand (the type of sand to be used is specified in the Filter Manual annexed to the Compact Kit). 

Place the selector valve of the filter with the lever in the wash position. Manually activate the filter pump; carry out a wash in the filter lasting approximately 2 minutes, stop the pump and set the lever to the rinse position. Start up the pump again and rinse for approximately 15 seconds.

Stop the pump and change the lever to the filter position. Fill up the Spa once again. Program the thermostat to the desired temperature. Read the Compact Kit manual. (Reaching the desired temperature after filling up the Spa may take several hours). Program the filter clock. (Read the Compact Kit Manual).

In the main electrical cabinet, activate the massage and heating switches. Set the filtering switch to the desired position, and the Spa will start to function carrying out the filtering and heating cycle. Once these checks have been made, fill in the attached Warranty form and send it to the manufacturer.

Jets can also regulate the intensity of the flow by opening and closing the water flow. To do so, proceed as follows:

Spas are built to the highest standards with the most durable materials available. The right maintenance and care will be key factors to ensure your Spa and its components have a long life.