5.2. Hot keys


Turns On the system or sets to Stand by mode.

When the system is in On mode:

  • The ON/STAND BY button lights up and the current spa temperature is shown in the display.
  • The Spa can be controlled from the Front Panel or from the REMOTE SPA buttons, depending if the AUTOMATIC/MANUAL button is on or off (See Automatic/Manual function).
  • Filtration cycles and temperature.

When the system is in STAND BY (Ecomode) mode:

  • The ON/STANDBY button is not lit and the display shows the current time.
  • FRONT PANELl buttons, REMOTE SPA Buttons, massage and blower pumps, light and all other buttons except ON/STANDBY button are inactive and unlit.
  • Circulation pump is automatically activated every 30 seconds.
  • Heater is automatically activated for keeping programmed (set point) temperature.
  • Anti-stagnation function Active (see System Fixed Features).
  • Anti-freeze function Active (see System Fixed Features).


Increase and decrease a certain value or activate and deactivate the component shown in the display.

  • When this option is enabled the buttons UP and DOWN light up.
  • Only works when the system is in ON mode.


Turns on or turns off the spa light.

  • The LIGHT button lights up when the spa light is turned on.


  • Turns the system from automatic to manual mode.
  • When the system is in MANUAL mode the MANUAL/AUTOMATIC button lights up and the REMOTE SPA buttons are inactive. The system can only be operated from the front panel keyboard.
  • MANUAL mode allows time and filtration cycle setting, temperature setting, pumps manual activation and deactivation, filter backwashing, and units and massage setting.
  • When the system is in Manual mode, if the heater or a filtration cycle are running they stop until the system returns to automatic mode.


  • Use this button to access the filtering cycle program menu.
  • The system includes a default filtration cycle that can be reprogrammed.
  • The system must be in MANUAL mode to temporarily interrupt the filtering cycle and manually operate the filtration pump.
  • To change the system time and program the filter cycle press the FILTRATION CYCLE TIMER button for 3 seconds. See Time and Filtration Cycle Setting Menu.
  • When programming is in process the button lights up.
  • If a filtration cycle is running the button flashes.
  • If the filtration cycle is not running or the system is in MANUAL mode the button light is off.
  • When massage or blower pumps are active the system automatically starts the circulation pump even if the programmed filtration cycle is not running.


Use this button to manually start or stop the pumps.

  • Activates and deactivates massage, circulation and blower pumps when the system is in MANUAL mode.
  • If a pump is running in either AUTOMATIC or MANUAL mode the button lights up.


  • Press this button for 3 seconds when the system is in MANUAL mode to change to CONFIGURATION MODE (Units and Massage Settings Menu). Massage, massage
  • inhibitionand temperature settings can be configured.
  • The button lights up when setting is in process.
  • When a configuration program is in progress press once shortly to confirm an entry and starts the desired process.
  • At least one alarm is active if the button is flashing. Read the display to see which alarm needs to be checked.