5.5. System fixed features

This System has configured default parameters that can not be changed by the user.


The heater will start/stop when the real temperature has a deviation of more than 1ºC compared to the scheduled one. (Hysteresis value). The system checks water temperature automatically every 30 minutes


If the massage function has not been activated for more than 12 hours the system will automatically switch on massage and blower pumps for 30 minutes to prevent possible water stagnation.


The ozonator (optional device) is active for 20 minutes and inactive for 10 minutes when the filtration pump is working.

It is disabled if a massage or a blower pump is active except when these pumps have been activated automatically by the system (Anti-stagnation system every 12 hours).


In order to avoid cool external temperatures from freezing the water inside the hydraulic circuit, massage and circulation pumps will be automatically switched on for 30 min. if the water temperature is between 5 and 9ºC and pumps are inactive for more than 60 min.

If the water temperature is less than 5ºC, pumps will be activated until the water temperature reaches at least 5ºC.

Water temperature (ºC)Activation time (minutes) 


The system includes automatic filling through the surge tank. This system ensures that the spa water has been filtered before reaching the spa.

This system is only active in manual mode.

To use the auto-fill to fill the spa, ensure that the solenoid fill valve is connected to a water supply and that all valves are opened properly. Switch the system to MANUAL mode (see 5.3.4. to set up in MANUAL mode).

The system will fill the entire hydraulic circuit.

Errors E1 and E11 will appear while the spa is filling for informative purposes. Once the entire circuit is filled (spa, filter and tank), press the SET button and put the system in MANUAL mode to delete the error messages.


This system opens the solenoid fill valve in order to replace water once or twice a day for a maximum of 99 minutes each time the system runs, so that a maximum of 198 minutes can be programmed daily.

  • Press  for 3 seconds when the system is in MANUAL mode and the PARAMETER SETUP MENU will appear.
  • The first parameter, Un (Unit of temperature), will appear on the screen
  • Press  3 times and the r n parameter will appear:

o r n = 0 -> system deactivated

o r n = 1 -> only once a day, the solenoid valve will open at 6:00 a.m.

o r n = 2 -> twice a day, the solenoid valve will open at 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

  • Press  or  to change the r n value.

Note: The user may not change the times the solenoid valve is opened.

  • Press  to confirm and the d3 parameter will appear:
  • Press  or to change and program how long the valve is open (0 to 99 minutes).
  • Press to confirm.

General Parameter Configuration 

ParameterDescriptionIntervalDefault valueInvolved Function
UnTemperautre units ºC – ºFºCTemperature
d1Massage duration time 00-99 (minutes)10 minutesWater/Air massage
d2Massage inhibition time00-99 (seconds)00 secondsWater/Air massage
mNr refill0-2 (s)0Ev load
d3Refill duration time00-99 (m)0Ev load