7. Error codes

The following table summarize the errors codes the display shows to the operator and the related description.


Safety level of balance tank not reached. 
The Safety level sensor of the balance tank doesn’t detect water.
No function can be activated. 
Fill the balance tank until minimum sensor level.

Water flow or temperature failure. 
Automatically self-operational alarmAutoresettable. 
Flow sensor doesn’t detect water flow or temperature sensor doesn’t send any signal.
No function can be activated.
Check possible obstructions in the filtering circuit, pumps, or filter.
Check possible sensor malfunction.

Water temperature is too high. Automatically self-operational alarm Autoresettable.
The water temperature inside the Spa is over 42°C.
No function can be activated
Let the water cool or add cool water.
When the temperature will be below 42°C your SPA will start up automatically; if not unplug the power supply and contact your dealer.
E05Water temperature sensor.Autoresettable. The temperature sensor is malfunctioning.
No function can be activated. 
Check the water temperature and temperature sensor and replace it if needed.

Heater contactors.
Not Autoresettable.
The heater contactors are malfunctioning; you cannot activate the electrical heater. For safety reasons, the electric heater is powered by two contactors, which are serially connected; if one of these two contactors is stuck, an error message will appear. 
Replace corresponding contactors and plug the elements again.

Max. time of the balance tank water filling exceeded.Not Autoresettable. 

The max opening time (30’) of the loading electrovalve of the balance tank has been reached
Make sure that the sensors of water level of the balance tank work properlyMake sure that the discharge hole has been left open.Check a possible water leakage in the hydraulic circuit.

Balance Tank Water levels signals are incompatibles.Autoresettable.

Water level sensors are sending incompatible signals.
Check position of the level sensors or replace them if they are malfunctioning.

Water level in the balance tank is below safety sensor.

Some function is trying to be activated before the minimum level inside the balance tank has been reached (or when working, the level is below the safety sensor). 
Make sure that the loading electrovalve is open and works properly. Make sure there’s no obstruction in the water charging circuit. Verify there’s no water leakage in the hydraulic circuit.


Communication between Panel Control Board and local keypad. 

Communication between Panel Control Board and local keypad is lost.
Make sure that the cable between the local keypad and the Panel Control Board is connected properly. If it is, unplug the system from the mains and get in touch with your dealer.