4.2. Water treatment

Checking the water status is one of the most important steps. 


A pH index of between 7.2 and 7.6 is recommended.

The pH level measures the acidity and alkalinity:  Values above 7 are alkali and below 7, are acid.

  • The effects of a very low pH level are:

– The disinfectant will quickly dissipate.

– The equipment of the Spa become rusty.

– The water can start causing skin irritations to bathers.

  • The effects of a very high pH level are:

– The disinfectant is less effective.

– Scale may appear on the acrylic and equipment.

– The water may become cloudy.

– The filter cartridge can become blocked.

Check the pH of the Spa water daily using the pH test set. (not supplied)

If the pH is above the indexes, use pH MINOR SPA. Wait for two hours and re-do the pH test.

If the pH is below indexes, use pH MAJOR SPA. Wait for two hours and re-do the pH test.

When the pH index has been adjusted to the values indicated above, proceed to the next step.


Disinfection of the water is of utmost importance in order to destroy algae, bacteria and organisms that could develop in the water.  However, excessive disinfection could cause skin and eye irritation.

BROMIDE TABLETS are a suitable disinfectant for the Spa water.  This product is placed in the pre-filter and gradually dissolves.

Check the residual bromide level daily using the Br analyser set.

The recommended level of residual bromide is between 2.2 and 3.3 ppm.

Do not forget to keep the water in good conditions (see 6.2 Water maintenance)