2. General warnings

  • Avoid all contact with electrical voltage. 
  • Follow all accident prevention regulations. 
  • Any modification to the equipment requires the prior authorisation from the manufacturer. Original spare parts and accessories authorised by the manufacturer guarantee greater safety. The manufacturer of the equipment is exempt from all liability for damage caused by non-authorised spare parts or accessories. 
  • During operation, some parts of the equipment are at dangerous electrical voltages. Work on elements or equipment connected to them should only be performed after switching off the power supply and disconnecting the start-up devices. 
  • The user should ensure that assembly and maintenance work is performed by qualified and authorised persons, who have carefully read the installation and service instructions. 
  • Safety in operating the machine can only be guaranteed by following and respecting the installation and service instructions. 
  • Maximum values are indicated in the electrical switchboard and should not be exceeded under any circumstances. 
  • In the event of a fault or breakdown, contact the Technical Assistance Service of the manufacturer, or the nearest dealer of the manufacturer. 
  • In this respect, the regulations of each country should be respected.