5.1. Filter

For maximum performance of the filter, it is recommended to use sand with a granulometry of 0.4 to 0.8 mm. The amount to use is indicated on the specifications plate of the filter.

To correctly fill the filter, follow the steps indicated below:

1. Remove the cover and the filter joint, taking care not to damage the joint.

2. Check that all collector arms are in good condition.

3. Carefully fill with water halfway.

4. Pour in the sand contents indicated on the label, taking care to protect the diffuser and avoiding damage to the collector arms.

5. Remove the protection from the diffuser and place the cover, having first cleaned the sand and waste from the closing area.

6. Fill the Spa with water.

7. Wash the filter so that it is ready for operation.

Once the Spa is full of water, connect the electrical equipment by placing the differential switch in the ON position. (See Electrical Connection section).

Check that the differential switch works correctly. Press the test button and the differential switch should automatically go from the ON position to the OFF position.