3.2. Position and location of the spa

Before installing and assembling the Spa, ensure that the packaging of the Spa is in perfect condition.  Contact your distributor immediately if the packaging is damaged.

Position the Spa horizontally, placing the whole base of the unit on a smooth, flat and level surface, capable of supporting the weight when used (full of water, plus the weight of the bathers).  

The Spa cannot be placed on a curved surface or on blocks.

The side where the motors are located should be fully accessible. In order to carry out maintenance tasks, the location of the Spa should enable it to be moved so that all its sides can be easily accessed.


If an outdoor location is chosen to place the Spa:

Do not expose the Spa to sunlight when it is empty and without a protection cover.  Remember that prolonged exposure to sunlight may damage the surface of the Spa and its accessories.  Acrylic rapidly absorbs heat from the sunrays reaching very high temperatures which will damage the Spa. Maximum absorption temperature is 60ºC.

It is recommended to place the Spa away from trees, as falling leaves may block the filter.

If the Spa is placed inside glass structures, prevent sunrays shining directly on the Spa through the glass, as the temperature could be excessively hot.


It is recommended to ensure drainage in the area of the Spa, to prevent water from accumulating around it and to avoid dangerous access areas for bathers.

Remember that the operation of the Spa causes increased damp and therefore, there must be a ventilation system to prevent damp from accumulating which could cause damage in the room where the Spa is located.

The use of a cover reduces heat loss and damp in the room.


Some spas come with an adjustable metal structure to facilitate their installation. This structure has several points of support. Before filling the spa, these points of support should be adjusted to ensure they are all in contact with the ground.





This is a picture/illustrative example. It is recommended that an architect or engineer be consulted about the design and building work to ensure that the land is able to withstand the foundation slab when the swimspa is full of water, including the weight of the people who will be using it and the furniture or any other articles that will be in the area around the foundations. Local regulations on foundations and/or building work must also be complied with. 


The Spa structure must be fixed on the floor. Do not hold the Spa by its outer edges.

Once settled the Spa, finish the work bearing in mind that the edging of the surface must not be in direct contact with the work (a minimum of 1 cm must be left around the edge).

Bear in mind that you will have to leave enough space to access to the pumps and electrical connections for maintenance. This space should be at least of 0.7 meters.

To seal the tab to the Spa, use a special elastic silicone for aquatic installations.