3.4. Filling the spa


The Spa does not have a specific filling system.  It is recommended to use a manual filling system with a garden hose or similar. 

Proceed as follows:

• Before starting filling the Spa, locate the drain valve (see 3.3. Drainage) and ensure that it is in the CLOSED position.

• Fill the Spa through the top, with clean water, to the level indicated.


It is recommended to fill the spa manually using a garden hose or a similar system.

Proceed as follows:

Before filling the spa, find the drainage valves and ensure they are all closed, except for the safety outlet, which should always be open.

Fill the spa from above using clean water until the spa starts to overflow.

Fill the three water tanks with the automatic filling.

Connect the water supply to one of the tanks’ inlets.

The spa has a filling system that works using a ball cock. The outlet of the ball cock must be connected to the mains supply at a constant water pressure.

When the spa loses water as a result of evaporation, the system automatically fills the tanks.

The compensation tanks have a safety outlet for removing water.

Once the Spa has been filled with water, connect the electrical equipment by placing the differential switch in the On position (See Electrical Connection).

Do not use the Spa without first carefully reading all the information detailed in the following points:

• Adjust water ph between 7,2 and 7,6 (see 4.0 section).

• Add all required chemical products recommended in water maintenance (see 6.2 section)

• Select the required temperature (see Installation and assembly of the spa).  remember that if the water is cold, it may take 24 hours to reach a temperature of 38ºc.

• Before using the spa, check the ph values once again in case they have changed with the treatments indicated above.