5.6. Extras


The AROMATHERAPY system gives customers a whole host of new sensations by introducing any aroma chosen through the air massage circuit.

The AROMATHERAPY system does not generate any waste products in the water, as happens with conventional oils, which dirty the water and can cause unpleasant effects, as well as blocking up the filter.

The way it works is straightforward and it is easy to maintain. Just place one of the AROMATHERAPY refills into the dispenser on the spa’s outer surface and, when the lid is closed, switch the air circuit on.

This system does not work with any kind of refill (no liquids can be added). Only those that appear in catalogue may be used.

Note: Do not leave the lid of the aroma dispenser off. water or another liquid could get into it and damage the air pump. 


To clean your music system and loudspeakers, avoid using water at high pressure, such as a hose fitted with a high-pressure nozzle.  

Depending on your spa’s features your spa can be equiped with Bluetooth Sound System or Bluetooth Surround Sound:


The system is made up of a subwoofer and two strategically placed loudspeakers in the cabinet. You will be able to connect your mobile devices to the spa with this system. 

Sync the Bluetooth device

1. Turn the Bluetooth device on.

2. Select AV ACUÁTICO from the list of available devices for pairing (no password is required).


The system is equipped with a subwoofer and four loudspeakers. It uses the Bluetooth function to connect the sound system to your tablet or smartphone. In addition, you will be able to listen to your favourite AM/FM radio stations, and connect an auxiliary input cable or USB flash drive. The LED screen will tell you what is playing.

Bluetooth operation



1. Power up the system pack with bba2 already connected to the system pack

2. On the topside panel press the music button. Next, press the power button

Music Button

Power button

3 – Turn on Bluetooth function of your smart device or music device.  

4 – On your smart device or music device, click search for Bluetooth device. Make sure you are close enough to the spa tub.

5 – Select “PPME70BT” from the pairing list.

6 – Click “Connect.” Once connected, you can now play your favorite music from your smart device or  music device.

bba2 operates up to 100 feet in open air. Ranges vary as they are dependant on installations.


Some icons such as “Repeat” may not appear if music isn’t playing




Swimming with the FITNESS KIT helps build strength and burn calories, giving you the same benefit as lap swimming. In just minutes a day, you can be on your way to having a dynamic cardiovascular workout, a fit body with firm, toned muscles.


To clarify the proper use of the FITNESS KIT is necessary to follow some methods that will “guarantee” that your product will be used properly and will eliminate any possibility of breakage or rod failure.
These units are specifically engineered to provide “resistance technique and aerobic exercise in water”, not a land/dry based swim system.


1. Do not “OVER STRETCH” cord more than 50% of its original length!

2. Do not jump off side of spa/pool with belt/tether attached.

3. Do not push off side the spa/pool, start swimming once you are in pool and sack is out of latex cord.


1. You can swim “slowly to moderate” and accomplish maximum aerobic strength and conditioning without swimming hard.

2. Do not try to reach the other side of your spa/pool, failure may occur.

These units are made for resistance, “LET THE WATER DO THE WORK”.

3. When swimming any one of 4 strokes, fins a rhythm in your stroke where you fluctuate forward and backwards; but basically stay in a defined swim space.


1. Rinse FITNESS KIT with fresh water after every use.

2. STORE IN A COOL, DRY PLACE WHEN NOT IN USE to avoid excessive damage from the elements. Prolonged exposure to UV rays may have adverse effects on some of the components. It’s best to store all components in the provided bag.
3. Inspect your FITNESS KIT before each use. DO NOT USE if there are any visible signs of damage or excessive wear and tear. DON’T RISK IT.


Arm Exercise Handles

Leg Exercise Straps

Exercise Bundles


To shorten cords on tether cord and row-exercise kits follow these instructions:

1. Cord is attached with four (4) components, hook, ball, collar & cord/tubing.

2. To shorten cord/tubing twist off the HOOK portion of the connections by turning counter-clockwise.

3. Hold collar with hand or pliers and push/squeeze cord/tubing outwards away from collar.

4. Remove the ball by squeezing outwards towards end of card/tubing.

5. Cut off length of cord/tubing desired and reinsert ball 1,3cm back into cord/tubing and pull back into collar.

6. Reconnect hooks by turning clockwise until tight. Function is complete!


Fix the cord on the spa/pool as detailed below.