2. Precautions and preventive measures

  • Take great care to prevent children from entering the hot tub without permission. To avoid accidents, make sure that children are always being supervised by an adult. Take care when entering and leaving the hot tub to prevent any slipping caused by wet or damp surfaces.
  • You must follow the current accident prevention regulations.
  • Do not allow anyone to play with metal or sharp objects inside the hot tub, they may damage the acrylic surface.
  • You must prevent bathers from accessing the hot tub’s electrical parts.
  • Do not use electrical devices such as radios, hair dryers, etc. inside the hot tub.
  • Always maintain the minimum water level shown on the filter (even if the level sensors are not working).
  • If using a cover that does not include any fastening and/or safety elements to prevent uncontrolled access to the hot tub, we recommend installing an alternative element (e.g.: restrict access to the area or a perimeter fence, etc.) to prevent any access to/improper use of the hot tub.