3.3 Description of the installation

When the hot tub is installed in a suitable location, the hot and cold water outlets need to be installed for automatic filling. A water seal (siphon) also needs to be installed in the drain area.


  1. Carefully remove the hot tub’s left panel (position yourself in front of the three flat cushions).

2. Connect the two water supply pipes with a G 3/8″ male thread (see the image below). Connect the hot water outlet with the ball valve to the butterfly valve and the cold water outlet to the blue one.

When this is done, the thermostatic valve receives cold water from the drinking water supply and hot water from the domestic hot water (DHW) system where the hot tub is located. This makes it possible to set the desired temperature at which the hot tub is filled via the waterfall (orange arrows).

To adjust the water temperature, see section 4. Start-up.


It is necessary to install a water seal, just behind the thermostatic valve. This prevents bad smells from passing into the area where the hot tub is located. It must have the required characteristics and comply with the wastewater regulations in each country.

It must be installed at the outlet of the hot tub’s drain loop (as shown in the image below) and connected to the building’s sewage system, into which all the water will be drained.

The water seal must be connected via a plain-ended PVC pipe that is 50 mm in diameter.