3.4. Electrical connections

The electrical installation must include a highly sensitive double-pole residual-current device on the main electrical panel (the residual-current device is not supplied with the hot tub).


You must disconnect the power supply before performing any work on the hot tub (residual-current device in OFF position or disconnect the cable from the mains).

Depending on the type of setting in which the hot tub is being installed and the current applicable legislation, a cable with a suitable cross-sectional area must be used to connect the residual-current device to the hot tub’s electrical panel. The cable’s cross-sectional area will vary depending on the hot tub model and the distances within the installation.


Use cables with suitable cross-sectional areas (as per the table below) to ensure proper operation and avoid potential electrical problems that may jeopardise the user’s safety.

The cable’s cross-sectional area will have to be increased proportionally for greater distances.

There may be configurations that require the installation of a 32 A line, two 16 A lines or even a three-phase line (3 x 16 A) to meet the hot tub’s power requirements.

The layout options for your electrical panel are shown later in this Installation manual.

Remember that installation and changes to the electrical layout must be performed by duly qualified persons and always comply with the current regulations in each country.

The manufacturer accepts no liability for any damage that may be caused by an installation that is inadequate or performed by someone who is unqualified.

To supply power to the hot tub’s electrical panel, locate the cable gland on one side of the electrical panel.

It is necessary to install a thermal magnetic breaker and a residual-current device (not supplied) at the connection to the power supply.

Make sure that no power is being supplied to the connection cable (residual-current device in the OFF position).

Feed the cable to the hot tub’s electrical panel.

Open the electrical panel’s cover and insert the power cable into the free side.

Attention, the blue cable is the neutral wire (BLU) and the brown (BRN) one is the line or phase wire.

Attach the connectors as shown in the diagrams below, according to the type of power supply.


*The temperature probe is connected to the J32 connector on the motherboard and to the safety board, which is connected to the motherboard’s faston terminals perpendicular to this board.

The electrical panel’s controllers have been configured to fulfil the installed functions using the board’s DIP switches. The manufacture accepts no liability for the user operating these switches as this may result in the hot tub not working correctly.