5.6. Filtration

This serves the function of filtering the water that is drawn through the filter. The water then flows through the disinfectant (ozone or U.V.) and is reheated without needing to be drained and refilled, thanks to the heat exchanger.

The filtration cycle has 2 stages:

  1. The massage pumps are turned on for 1 minute.
  2. The filtration pump is turned on for the set period.

When the filtration cycle is active, “FLt” is displayed on the control panel, alternating with the water temperature.

Filtration is stopped if another function is activated, and it resumes 5 minutes after the other function has been disabled.

The filtration cycle is programmed by setting the duration and the activation time parameters as follows:

  • Duration: from 0 – 12 h, in 1-hour increments, so 0 disables the function and 12 = continuous filtration. By default, it is set at 0 hours (disabled).
  • Activation time: enter the number of hours of delay before the function is required to start. Selectable values from 0 (filtration starts immediately) to 12 hours, in 1-hour increments. By default = 2 hours.

Once programmed, the cycles start every 12 hours, for the time entered with the buttons, i.e., 2 filtration cycles per day, one every 12 hours, from the moment it is first activated.

Configuration procedure:

  • Select “Hidden button” then hold down for 3 seconds. The control panel will display the cycle’s duration as dx (where x is the duration in hours).
  • Select the duration with the – / + buttons within 5 seconds.
  • Confirm the selected value with . Once confirmed, the new value is saved and the next parameter is displayed.
  • The control panel shows the delay until start-up as sy (where y is the delay expressed in hours)
  • Select the value with the – / + buttons within 5 seconds.
  • Confirm and save the new start-up time by simply pressing the button.

The controller leaves parameter setting mode if the keypad remains inactive for more than 5 seconds.

After a restart (power on), filtration will begin after the delay selected with the sy parameter.