5.9. Water temperature control

Every 30 minutes, the filtration pump is activated for 30 seconds to read the temperature, even if the heat exchanger has not been activated. This serves to circulate the water from the heat exchanger, as the water inside this cool faster, which would lead to a lower-than-actual temperature reading.


The first time either +/ – button is pressed, the control panel displays the current set temperature and both buttons light up blue; every time you press the buttons after that, the value will increase or decrease accordingly.

If the + / – buttons are not pressed for 6 seconds, or a different button is pressed, the screen shows the temperature again and both buttons light up white again. The new set temperature is now saved. The characteristics of this parameter are as follows:

  • Temperature range: 15 – 40°C
  • Increments of 1°C
  • Default value 35°C
  • Value at start-up: the system keeps the last set temperature value saved.